Please help me identify this cymbal stack (+great footage of Dave Grohl recording drums)


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I really wanted to know what cymbals Dave Grohl used in the Juliette and the Licks record. They just sound great together. Just the right amount of wash, not too heavy, not too thin. I'm not a fan of A customs for recordings, but most K models can often be too trashy/washy for rock so I usually stick with Avedis/Paistes. But I'm loving the ones on this vid which seem to be all K's?

I'd say the crash/ride is a 20" K custom dark, would anyone know for sure?

Here is the video in LQ:

And here in HQ but unedited, so there's some non-drumming related footage too:

Also, if anyone hasn't heard it. The drumming on that album is superb! Dave Grohl's best work imo.