Please help me get tension on my snare wires...


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Got a new pearl free floater today and the hardware is rusted out so I swapped the larger shell onto my old free floater and used longer tension rods. I took the 42 strand and new(er) reso head off the new free floater and placed them on the old free floater. I've got everything good to go but after two hours I have not even come close to getting the right tension on my snare wires. It uses cloth straps and so I put it through the holes and the butt, pull them as tight as I humanly can, then tighten the lugs, center the snares, and do the same on the other side. I've used the knobs on the strainer and the butt, messed with positionin the wires, flipping the wires over in case I had them upside down, even had my wife yank on one end while I tightened the other.

The snare in "off" position looks normal but turning it on doesnt bring them close enough to the reso head for a snare response. Help help help!


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Here's what I do:

Release the throwoff mechanism.
Loosen the snare tightening screw on the throwoff from 2/3 to the whole way.
Thread the ribbon through the butt side after centering the snares across the head and tighten as mush as needed.
With the throwoff disengaged thread the ribbon through the holding bar on the throwoff side. Make sure that the tension on the ribbon will keep it in place while allowing it to move up or down.
Engage the throwoff. When it is in the locked position tighten the screws on the plate holding the snare ribbon.
Use the tightening screw on the throwoff to achieve the desired snare tension.

There's a video out on YouTube that covers this. That might be clearer. Are you using the extended snares intended for the earlier freefloaters?


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Thank you for the response. I tinkered with it more after giving it a rest. Here was the issue. My new shell is 8" tall. My old shell was 5". Even though I used longer rods on the shorter lugs (shorter free floating profile for 5" snare) for some reason it was taking too long for the snares to respond to the deep shell. I left everything the same and put the shallow shell back on and it was perfect. Now why would it do this with longer tension rods and short lugs but not shorter tension rods with longer lugs?

The same shell, wires, and reso head sounded just fine - more like incredible - when paired with the longer free floating mechanism. Maybe the Free Floating systems are not as forgiving with bigger depths like we all thought?