Please help a soldier drummer in Afghanistan


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To my fellow Drummerworld members,

For those that may not know, I'm a soldier currently stationed in Afghanistan and I play drums at the post chapel for worship services.
Unfortunately, the drumset that was left to the chapel on this post has seen much better days.

The basic drumset is a Pearl Rhythm Traveler; a few months ago we managed to get hold of a Forum Joey Jordison kick drum to trade out with the RT kick, which had worn out over years of playing (both batter and reso had holes in them repaired with duct tape). However, the spurs did not come with the bass drum, and so we've placed an old, broken floor wedge in front of it to keep it from sliding.

The height adjustments on the snare and hi-hat stands have lost their threading and are currently being held at preferred height with duct tape.

All the heads are essentially worn out. I managed to get some secondhand 13" heads for the snare after both the batter and snare sides broke; while the batter is still serviceable, the only other 13" head I could find was a Remo CS batter. I peeled the black dot off the center and put that head on the snare side, but it has to be detuned nearly all the way or it creates terrible overtones. The snares are bent and broken.

The kit came with a set of Pearl hi-hats and a 16" crash, none of which are useable, and in fact sound like trashcan lids. Someone a while back donated a set of Camber cymbals, but they are terribly loud, sound tinny and shrill, and overpower the space even with Hot Rods.

We have been promised new drum equipment from Division for as long as I've been here and none of it has come to us. The acquisition and funding process for mission-essential gear takes between four and six months; it seems that getting what the Army deems "non-mission essential" gear takes even longer.

So in hopes that some of you have some gently used drum gear that you would be okay with donating to a worthy cause, I am including a list of items that would help us out greatly here. I thank you in advance for your consideration.

- A pair of Pearl bass drum spurs that will fit a Forum-series
bass drum
- A snare stand
- A hi-hat stand
- A cymbal stand (straight or boom) or clamp cymbal holder
- Slightly used batter heads (10", 12", 13", 14")
- Snare side heads (13")
- A set of 13" snares

In addition, I'm looking to purchase a set of Wuhan New Traditionals for the chapel myself, and I'm wondering if anyone can put me in touch with a dealer who could make a cut off the price to benefit servicemembers.

Anyone who is interested can IM me for address details or more info.

Thank you very much for your support.