Playing with headphones Live : One ear out , or both in


Hi all.

Many times I find myself in the need of performing with headphones. Mostly for click and sequences purpose.

I am wondering if it's better to wear the headphones on both ears, (which is comfortable
For hearing your mix very clearly,)
Or wear it with one ear out. for better understanding of the how the room sounds, and a much clearer idea of the REAL dynamics of the room?

Maybe using good Inears could be the best choice?

Thanks for you time


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Go with what feels more comfortable you might want to try one ear out for the first song to get a feel for the overall sound then both ears in from then on. Experiment in rehersal and find out what works best for you i personally have both in if i'm using headphones.


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Depends. Do what's comfortable for you. If you're struggling hearing the click then obviously keep both ears in. If not you can afford to take one ear off to get a feel for everything. The best way though is to have both ears in and a good mix of everything you wish to hear (in ear monitoring).


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I prefer headphones over both ears.

However, I use a lighter weight head phone that doesn't offer as much isolation as I might otherwise use, so I can still hear the rest of the band.

It also helps to have your own head phone amp next to you so you can control the volume of the click/sequencer.


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I play along to music without head phones on. It can get pretty loud at times. Sometimes i put on some headphones and it just doesnt' fell right to me. I have hard time hearing myself play when i ware them. I like to have the one side of the headphones off my ear just a little bit. Just do what ever feels right to you.