Playing with finesse


Didn't read the thread so maybe this has been answered already, but the Drummer on Alan Holdsworths record Secrets was of course Vinnie Colaiuta. I even recall Vinnie saying in an interview that this was the best record he ever made.
Yup...and Chad Wackerman on track 7...


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I love the description used previously in this thread of finesse being subtlety, control, etc. It's someone who COULD play a wild and flashy fill, but doesn't. Sometime showing restraint is tougher than a 32nd note tom tom run. Knowing when not to play is even more important than knowing when to play.

I see a common link (probably an over generalization) of players who have their roots in jazz but cross over to play more straight 8 stuff. Gadd for instance, started out as classically trained, played swing the army (difficult to visualize), then on to greatness across multiple genres. Thee are many other examples.

Hats off to all the smooth players out there.
To me at least,playing with restraint,or going to afterburners,when it serves the finesse.Playing musicly and using your ears is finesse.Being able to play anything at any finesse.Knowing the difference when less is more,and more is less,and actually playing that.And finally playing with self awareness and not self indulgence,is finesse.The combination of technical facility and skill,taste,and restraint.

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Omar Hakim. He's the most lyrical on the drum set right now, in my opinion. When I think finesse, I think taste, musicality and execution. Manu Katche is very high on my list also.