Playing with bands out of your state


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Im not finding the people in my area to play with that I need so im looking to play with people in other states (in the U.S, I live in Virginia).

Im trying to find the best way to go about this that way im not limited to just the people in my state and area of my state.

Im looking for serious people that want to tour and do it for a full time living and im just not finding that where I live. I dont really have the funds to pick up and move at this time, but if I can find a way to hook up with a great band out of my area that would be great.

I know that a number of drummers do this in big and smaller bands.

Whats the best way to be able to do this in all of your opinion?


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No thoughts? I figured that this would be a topic that others would also be interested in being that a lot of musicians now do this. Even if no one has anything they feel would be an answer feel free to think alound. Sometime great ideas come this way (at least in my case they do)!


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The first thought that comes to mind is I applaud you in wanting to do what is necessary to meet your goals. Not being able to move seems to be the issue. Maybe the best course of action is to do what is necessary to be able to move where you need to? Traveling out of state just to rehearse might be a costly and time consuming chore unless you live near the state line?

Catharticus Rex

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The best solution to your problem is to physically pack up and move to a major music center like LA, NYC, Nashville, etc.

Absent that... you need to do it on the internet, which thankfully is not hard to do. I would suggest getting your digital profile together. Have a good website. Have a music only Facebook page. Have a YouTube channel with high quality video of your playing... and then go where the people you want to work with hang out online. Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Stay away from being weirdo, stalker, fanboy guy. People want to work with people they like to hang out with and talk to. It's not just about how well you play, but be ready... if your playing isn't up to snuff you won't ever be the guy.

Best of Luck