Playing with an added time!!


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Hey kenny, the kit's sounding superb, & so are you. I really like your groove based stuff the best, & especially the groove starting at 0:46. I'm so going to steal that :) The two camera thing adds that extra degree of interest & professionalism too. All you need now is another person to operate the second camera to get some moving shots happening, & you've got the whole package.


Very nice drumming, I love the pork pies. The added camera is awesome. Are you going to do some how to's or something with it?

Kenny Howard

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Hey Andy...Always great to hear from you...diggin the practice vid brother..sound killer...the drums and the drummer are superb!! Thankl you for the props...working on a cameraman for this weekend and adding a foot cam too!! Should be fun and confusing too!! Hey Nhzoso...Thank you for the kind words...great question...I have been working on some stuff but do not have it ready yet..Thank you again.


Kenny the drumming is good but there is something strange about how it sounds, I mean the recording. To my ears there is huge lack of depth, the whole mix is panned to the center and there is something wrong with EQ.