Playing this drum kit is like hanging with an old friend...


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When I was a sixteen year old kid a good friend of mine and I stopped by "DRUMS" in Crafton, Pennsylvania for sticks or heads. There was a beautiful new Slingerland in the window, I never forgot it. They had to have been custom ordered. It was a "Blakrome" Slingerland kit, 12", 13", 16", 22" virgin bass, and a COB snare drum. The 12" and 13" were mounted on a stand, this was unusual at the time. It left an impression. I don't remember what it cost, it didn't matter. It was well out of range for me.

I continued playing my beat up "Del Ray' Japanese "stencil" kit. I bought better hardware and cymbals, eventually I bought a great clean set of 1965 Slingerlands. I moved to Florida, gigged a good bit. A lot of years went by. I sold the 65 Slingerland kit, went through a divorce, and didn't have a really nice kit for a long time. I had serviceable, decent kits to gig with, but nothing that really tripped my trigger. In 1991 I was stuck by a truck while riding my motorcycle home from work. I was busted up pretty bad. My left forearm had several fractures, my left leg was pretty well crushed, required thirteen surgeries.

I moved back to Pittsburgh, I was on a walker, going to physical therapy for eighteen months. My hospital and physical therapy bills totaled $643,000, I was the point six million dollar man. My insurance covered my, care, but I had sold everything that I owned in order to live. I late summer of 1992 I was ready to start playing again. DRUMS in Crafton was long gone. I went into another drum shop and looked at used gear. Back in the corner they had several used shell packs, one was a Slingerland "Blakrome" kit, 12", 13", 16", with a 22" virgin bass. Inside of each was a chrome "DRUMS" sticker. It was THE kit that I drooled over as a teenager. It had a couple of scuffs and scars, but overall it was in decent condition. I bought it of course, along with some cheap hardware and a Gretsch COB 4160 snare drum. I picked up a set of Humes and Berg cases and gigged the hell out of it until 2008. Along the way I came cross an 18" floor tom to match and added it to the kit.

In 2008 I bought my DWs, which became my gig kit. The Slingerlands became my practice kit. Then I started buying a lot of kits. The Blakrome Slingerlands were packed into their cases and only got played occasionally for the next twelve years. This past year I downsized a bunch. I was down to five kits, and actually put these on consignment at local shop. They were there for a couple of months and didn't sell.

Recently I joined a new band. I took this kit over and set it up where we rehearse. I played it on Friday night for the first time in a long time, it was like hanging with an old friend. I'm so glad that it didn't sell.



I'm using it with DW Series 9000 hardware, a Ludwig Black Beauty, and Zildjian K cymbals, it sounds great.
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Everybody loves a happy ending!

That's a sharp looking kit. I'll bet it sounds great.

It really does. We are playing classic rock covers, Heart, Pat Benatar, Blondie, Fleetwood Mac, and the like. I normally like to gig with my Gretsch USA Custom or DW Collector's Series kit in a two up/two down configuration. This is a similar layout, and a bit over the top for a rehearsal kit.


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Nothing better than a sad story generating happiness. You went through a lot and got a lot. That Slingerland looks great and I bet it's a pleasure to play. Keep enjoying life and be grateful and enjoy life.