Playing Out for the First Time in 40 Years!


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I attended a Music Masters camp last week at Full Moon in Big Indian, New York. The camp was led by 3 current / past members of King Crimson (Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, and Pat Mastelotto) and 3 “friends” (Markus Reuter, Julie Slick, and Tobias Ralph). About 60 campers ranging in age from 16 to 70 participated, coming from places such as the USA, Canada, Finland, Norway, Chile, Mexico, Italy, and Belarus. This is my second camp: I participated in the same one in 2012.

We had tremendous fun. The professionals could not have been nicer and more generous with their time, talents, and advice. The campers are wonderfully supportive of each other, regardless of their skill levels and just a great bunch to party with too! There were band performances, lessons, campfire sing-alongs (singing along with Ade playing and singing Beatles tunes around a roaring fire was magical) and jams with each other and with the artists.

It was with some trepidation I signed-up to play drums on King Crimson’s “Red” led by Tony Levin along with other campers. The stage had two complete drum sets so my camp friend Mark agreed to double drum with me. I have not played in such a setting for nearly 40 years and certainly never with and in front of the caliber of musicians attending!

I know the original Bruford drum part backwards and forwards plus have my own twists so preparedness was not a problem. When it came time to play though, the butterflies set in. Once I counted off the start though, it was just playing through and it felt great! Midway through the song, the right beater on the double pedal rig collapsed and I had to rely on my left foot. Perhaps subconsciously, Mark took over the lead role and we punched the rest of the way through the song. The crowd gave us a big hand and Tony came back to shake our hands and tell us it was a pleasure to play with us.

Now this old man needs to find a band. I don’t have another 40 years to wait!


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I've been wanting to play 'Red' live for years. What a fantastic choice! I'm glad you had a great time. It's funny. After a while you don't miss playing live and then it takes one moment of inspiration and all of a sudden it comes back to you. Wonderful stuff.


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There is almost nothing else in the world that compares with the feeling of really locking in with other people while playing music. It's such an amazing head trip, and in fact, this literally engages your brain in ways nothing else will. Even when you're doing it, it sometimes feels like magic. Maybe it is.

Anyway, as I'm sure you're noticing, the feeling is a worse dragon-chase than heroin. Have fun with it. Keep learning and improving.

I also love that feeling you mention right after the first count off, when the first few bars are done and the stress/butterflies just simply melt away.

TLDR: Right on! Give em hell!


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Thanks guys, it was really exciting for me! There were a few clams but nothing likely too noticeable. Looking at photos my posture was horrible and I had the chicken wing thing going on but I'll work on those...


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