Playing More Musically

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Personally, I don't care much for overly simple music.
I immediately listened to The Meters when I read this last night.

Let’s not forget that simple and easy mean two different things. A ‘Simple’ groove doesn’t mean it’s easy to play and that you will have the right feel for it. "Overly simple" might mean something different..??

A great quote:
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
Leanardo da Vinci

A great video from a Justin Faulkner clinic that provides valuable reasons for not overplaying:

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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1) Slow down

2) Focus on the sound of your drums, your feel and how those two breate in relation to the pulse and the ever changing dynamics of the music.

3) Record yourself.

In regard to overplaying.......... It might not be a problem down the line, but it's annoying as hell and might cause you to loose the gig.

Overplaying isn't to play a lot of notes, it's doing so in the wrong place or in the wrong way(eg. dynamically) for the song.