Playing for a bit, technique?



No warm up, no metronome. Just playing off the top of my head. No idea how fast this was.

So...How am I doing? :)


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Overall, very good! The basics are all there, and well-executed! Your groove has a nice, even feel, you maintain a steady tempo when transitioning to and from your fills, and in the beginning, you're phrasing in groups of 2 measures, and landing on beat 1.

Some things to work on / think about:

The band and audience will want to hear the bass and snare at a volume that is above the hi-hat's volume. Loose hi-hat cymbals are louder and brighter than everything else, even the snare. The kit does not balance itself -- you must do the balancing. So, when playing grooves, ease up with your right hand, but spank the bass and snare. Easier said than done, of course. Don't just "hit down harder"; swing your left stick back more; lift up more at the hip, to get loud, proud bass drum notes. All of this while the right hand swings medium. In loud rock and metal, it's not uncommon to play rimshots on the snare.

Relax your left hand as much as possible. In general, your left fingers are a bit too tight around the stick. At 0:27, you can see your left stick "pushing" into the snare head. If the next snare note is going to be a loud one, then the stick should bounce up and prepare for the next note. If the next snare note must be quiet, then it's good to squeeze the fingers lightly, just after the stick impacts the head. Pick up a copy of Syncopation, and practice the exercises with accents in the book (preferably with the guidance of a teacher).