playing cleaner sextuplets?


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I seem to have a problem when applying a sextuplet to the drumkit. Playing sextuplet on one sound source seems to be ok. but, once I break it up and move it around, sound is off beat.

For example, s-s-b t-ft-b. Do I just set metronome real slow and keep tempo until every beat is even, then increase tempo few bpm at a time? Any other suggestions?


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Take it slow for awhile. When you the feet without proper coordination practice it'll always sound like slop. When you can play the rhythm precisely at a slow tempo, take it up 10 clicks and work for the same precision. Don't cheat, be hard on yourself, accurate coordination practice will go with you for the rest of your drumming life, unfortunately so will lazy coordination practice.


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Break it up in smaller segments - "loop" the 1st/2nd half as 3-note groups, then combine them again. Create variations. You could speed up without a click - I do this quite often, going by instinct.


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Use a solution of Joy and Windex and soak the sextuplets overnight, then scrub with a stiff brush. They should be very clean after that.

Anthony Amodeo

Use a solution of Joy and Windex and soak the sextuplets overnight, then scrub with a stiff brush. They should be very clean after that.
you cannot be serious

Windex is horrible for sextuplets


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Sextuplets can be split into an eighth-note's value with three notes to each eighth note. It's much easier to feel sextuplets if you treat them as triplets on an eighth note pulse.


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move your snare drum aside, put your floor tom between your legs and lay a towel/t shirt over it to make it sound more like a kick drum. Practice the patterns like this at all tempos and dynamics. This is what I do and it makes flaws and inconsistencies stand out much more clearly than playing on different surfaces. Your sextuplets on one sound source may not be as clean as you think they are. When learning the hand/foot triplets I did this for at least half an hour at a time, and I got it down pretty quickly.


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the simplest way for me was to play an eighth note groove and start each of the 2 triplets with your R hand and remember that it doesnt change tempo from what it was playing on the hats- just move it to the snare and keep it going at the same speed. Same as CHS said above but this simplifies the understanding of it.

Also, I find them easier to play to a shuffle beat.


When I have trouble with something like this, I'll play a bar or two of the sextuplets on the snare, so I can "hear/feel" the sextuplet "properly" (s s s s s s), and then play some bars of what I'm trying (s s b t ft b)...

I find that by doing the "simple" version of what I'm trying makes it easier for me to "catch on" to the feel of trying to do the more complicated version.

Hope this helps! :)