Playing along to drum tracks, Play along to the drummer, or come up with your own thing?

Lunar Satellite Brian

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When you're playing to another band through headphones or whatever, do you try to match the other drummer or come up with your own beat, fill, ect.? Personally for me it depends what I'm playing, when I play something extremely difficult like Rush or King Crimson I try to match it as closely as possible, for the sake of improving. But when I lay something easier, like Deep Purple,Crack the Sky, or Metric, I will either come up with something entirely new, or alter and change the drum track recorded.

what do you guys do?


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I try to learn the song as the drummer played it if I'm playing to an album I enjoy. If a radio song comes on that I don't know, then I'll make up a part.


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Play along with the drummer first, when that is mastered; make stuff up.

EDIT: then when you play the song with other people and they hear the exact drum part they're used to hearing... They'll like you. Alot.