Playing a Ride That is Crashable (or a Crash that is Rideable)

I've given up letting the cymbal dictate what I should use it for. I hit it, I determine when and how it gets struck. I'll crash a ride, ride a crash, I just dont care anymore.
Exactly. All depends on the the music you are playing. Everything will work.
These are just tools , it’s up to you to make things musical.


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I'm in the crashable ride camp. I have a hollow logo 70s 22" A Medium ride that ticks that box and then some. Easy to control when riding but has a nice big dark crash.

I have got the 21" K brilliant crash/ride which doesn't get used nearly as much as it should.


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Meh- I don’t fully agree with this statement.
Yes it’s true where you play on the cymbal it will give you certain wash , ping , whatever , but all cymbal have certain characteristics. That’s why there is so many.
Of course, I didn't say that you can get any sound out of any cymbal.


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To me, a nice crash/ride also has a shimmering wash that breathes with the music when riding. My Armand works great for it, but its crash is a bit low-pitched so I mainly use it as a ride.
I have a more obscure cymbal - an Amati from Czechoslovakia. I guess it was originally a marching cymbal (it has a dent near its edge that might have been clashed), but it has a nice ping for riding. It's not very heavy though, so I'd guess it could crash well, too.


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I pretty much like the Paiste idea with the 602 line: Thin, Medium, Heavy. Use them for whatever you want, they don't label them as ride or crash. Also the Giant Beat and the Big Beats