Played Halloween Party


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Well my band had its first live gig lol, played a party this weekend, it was great until some a**holes showed up and started a big fight, bass player got a nasty gash on his eyebrow when one of the people starting the junk decided to attack him while we were getting gear out. This lead to me having very sore knuckles. It was sweltering hot in this house packed full of about 150-200 people between the upstairs and downstairs. It was hard for me to hear the band, but all in all i think we did well.

Theres 2 videos done, one or two more ill post, we got a few paying offers out of this gig from the DJ and a few "promoter" type people who we know. Even though most people look young, the cops had already been by to check IDs and kick out any minors, so everyone is legal in canada (19 and over) lol.

Also, i know the music isnt everyones cup of tea, but the sound isnt synched in the second video, so any help on how to fix that issue is appreciated. It was taken with a Zoom Q3, and ive tried re editing and uploading already but my internet was kind of sketchy at the time.


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Holy crap! That sounds like an aggressive night? Sore fists, gashed eye = not good. Congratulations on your first gig, but man, I'd rather have a happier memory than that.


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I hear ya KIS, it was one group of people who showed up JUST to start a fight, lead to us hurriedly packing gear in pouring rain.

Thank god the local police showed up, im all for a good party, but once it reaches a point it gets stupid. Unfortunately, the way it seems to work here, is if you want to get into the local show circuit, you have to play a few parties and generate some buzz, people constantly go see live music at house parties to get bands to play other gigs. Not sure how or why that works, but like i said weve got some good contacts now.

The up side is that weve made friends with our local boys in blue, at first they werent going to even let us load up, they just wanted everyone out, but after pushing a few cruisers out of the mud and openly cooperating, they let our trucks drive to the door and load out, they even cleared a path through the crowd for us :)