PLAY ALONG SONGS (best favourite)


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I have several that I like to play to warm up when practicing.

Love will find a way - Yes
Changes - Yes

Limelight - Rush
Show Me Dont Tell Me - Rush

Livin Lovin Maid ( shes jus a woman ) Led Zep
Tangerine - Led Zep

Ozzy Biz

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Queens of the Stone Age
- Song for the dead
- Avon

Dave Matthews Band
- Too Much
- #41
- All Along the Watchtower (live version)

Led Zeppelin
- Fool in the Rain
- The Crunge
- The Ocean

- Cypress Grove
- Escape from the Prison Planet
- Power Player
- The Yeti

Foo Fighters
- Low
- Everlong

- Rosanna

A Perfect Circle
- The Noose
- Blue
- The Hollow
- Magdalena
- Sleeping Beauty
- The Outsider

ZZ Top
- La Grange

There's a few of the top of my head....


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will sombody read the "no stairway" sign allready!!! have we established the fact that people like to drum along with bonham yet!?

ok hes a few of my fav's, alot of them I don't think any body has posted yet.

1. led zeplin-all songs with drums (lets just get that one out of the way)
2. van halen-jump,jamies cry'n&running with the devil .ect
3. winger-seventeen (most terrable lyrics ever but awsome...if you like em young)
4. journey-stone in love, (nice triplet fills)
5. james gang- the bomber.ect
6. leo sayer- you make me feel like dancing
7. skynard- sweet home, gime back my bullets & .ect
8. molly hatchet- gator country,dreams & flirtin with disaster(fast, tight changes)
9. orignal mario bros. theme- some japanese dude (super fun, you cant help but groove)
10. blackfoot-train,train
11. RHCP- aeroplane,around the world.ect (songs from mothers milk make my leg fall off.)
12. steve miller-take the money and run
13. ted nugent-free for all
14. tenacious D-wonder boy & the one about sausage
15. hair- the age of aquirious/let the sun shine
16. the black crowes- too hot to handle
17. the pretenders-back to ohio, space invaders
18. sweet-ballroom blitz
19. pearl jam-alive,do the evolution (that reminds me...)
20. creed higher (nice groove if you can listen to that song with out puking)
21. blues traveler-carolina blues(< thats a real good one, nice fat fills)& crash burn
22. blue oyster cult-godzilla
23. jackson5-abc (great for a beginer to work on the 3e& bass beat with simple fills one of the first songs I played along to)
24. sugar loaf-green eyed lady (fun quarter notes)
25. gold finger-99 red ballons

...and those were just the ones off the top of my head :)


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Arctic Monkeys - From Ritz to Rubble - Whatever People Say We Are That's What We're Not - Matt Helders
Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down - Whatever People Say We Are That's What We're Not - Matt Helders
Boz Scaggs - Georgia - Silk Degrees - Jeff Porcaro
Boz Scaggs - Lido Shuffle - Silk Degrees - Jeff Porcaro
Foo Fighters - All My Life - One by One - Taylor Hawkins
Foo Fighters - DOA - In Your Honor - Taylor Hawkins
Foo Fighters - Everlong - The Color And The Shape - Dave Grohl/Taylor Hawkins
Mute Math - Chaos - MuteMath - Darren King
Mute Math - Typical - MuteMath - Darren King
Our Lady Peace - Starseed - Naveed - Jeremy Taggart
Pearl Jam - Even Flow - Live at the Garden - Matt Cameron
Perfect Circle - Judith - Mer De Noms - Josh Freese
Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows - Songs For The Deaf - Dave Grohl
The Who - My Generation - Live at Leeds - Keith Moon
The Who - We Won't Get Fooled Again - ???? - Keith Moon
Three Days Grace - Burn - Three Days Grace - Neil Anderson
Three Days Grace - Home - Three Days Grace - Neil Anderson
Three Days Grace - Never Too Late - One X - Neil Anderson
Three Days Grace - Pain - One X - Neil Anderson
Three Days Grace - Take Me Under - Three Days Grace - Neil Anderson
Toto - Rosanna - Toto IV - Jeff Porcaro
Yellowjackets - River Waltz - ???? - Will Kennedy
Yellowjackets - Times Squares - ???? - Marcus Baylor
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In no order:

Good Times Bad Times, John Bonham, Led Zeppelin
Ants Marching, Carter Beauford, Dave Matthews Band
Lakeside Park, Neil Peart, Rush
Shoot to Thrill, Phil Rudd, AC/DC
Stairway to Heaven, John Bonham, Led Zeppelin


Fool in the Rain, John Bonham, Led Zeppelin
Sultans of Swing, Pick Withers, Dire Straits
Ramble On, John Bonham, Led Zeppelin
Living Loving Maid, John Bonham, Led Zeppelin
Spirit of Radio, Neil Peart, Rush


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some of my favorites are

primal scream-crue
master of puppets-metallica
whole lotta love-zepp
white room-cream

just some fun songs that i love to play


in no particular order this are the ones that come to my mind right now:

Dave Weckl band - Tower of inspiration (Steve gadd, joking Dave Weckl obviously)
Yes - Heart of the sunrise (Bill Bruford)
Toto - Rosanna (Jeff Porcaro)
Dave Brubeck quartet - Take five (Joe Morello)
The Police - Walking on the moon (Stewart Copeland) going to see the police tomorrow in Argentina

GW Drums

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Little by Little - Robert Plant
Abacab - Genesis
Lido shuffle - Boz Scags
The Unforgettable Fire - U2
Tortise and Hare -The Yellowjackets ( well, I like to kid myself and think I can play it )
Do you love me - Kiss


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In no particular order:


"Give Blood" - Pete Townsend
"Synchronicity 1" - The Police
"Athena" - The Who
"Fool in the rain" - Led Zeppelin
"Red Bachetta" - Rush

Jazz / Electric Jazz:

"So What" - Miles Davis
"Trans Love Express" - Jean-Luc Ponty
"Spanish Moss" - Billy Cobham (in 17/16...very fun to play!)
"Night Dive" - Vital Information
"One Flight Up" - Eliane Elias

Drummer Karl

Mhhh...there are many...

I really love to play along with

Bill Stewart and either the John Scofield trio or with Peter Bernstein and Larry Goldings.

Summertime interpreatation by Brad Mehldau, Joshua Redman, Larry Grenadier and Brian Blade on drums.

Jazz Crimes by Joshua Redman, Sam Yahel and Brian on drums.

Much of that old Miles Davis stuff from the 60`s with Tony on drums.

Brad Mehldau`s "Nobody Else But Me" from his Art of the trio CD with Jorge Rossy on drums.

A few favourites...



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Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - ACDC (Gotta love BON)
Black Dog - Zep
I Drink Alone - George Thoroughgood
War Pigs - Sabbath
Jailbreak - Thin Lizzy
The Wanton Song - Zep
Immigrant Song - Zep


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Lately I've been really enjoying playing along to Sting's - 'Ten Summoner's Tales'

especially 'Seven Days', which has been mentioned a LOT in this thread and for good reason - it's just too much fun!!!


Chick Corea - album: 'Light as a Feather'
XTC - Wasp Star, Apple Venus vol 2
Police - Ghost in the Machine

Muffled Tom

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"Nowhere Fast", Incubus (Jose Pasillas)
"Best of You", Foo Figthers (Taylor Hawkins)
"Can't Stop Live at Slane Castle", Red Hot Chili Peppers (Chad Smith)
"I'm Your Captain Live at Shea", Grand Funk Railroad (Don Brewer)
"No One Knows", Queens of the Stone Age (Dave Grohl)



Bone Machine - Pixies - Dave Lovering
The Pink Room - Fox Bat Strategy - Stephen Hodges
F**king In The Bushes - Oasis - Alan White
Helter Skelter - The Beatles - Ringo
Back On My Feet Again - The Verve - Peter Salisbury
Tracey Jacks - Blur - Dave Rowntree


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WOW! First time I have seen this thread. I will start with # 1 song that my friend drummer and I jammed on in the 70"s with two kits side by side (among many other tunes!!) (others in no particular order)

1- Lookin out my back door---Creedence
2- Tie your mother down---Queen
3- Who are you?---Duh
4- Fire---Jimi Hendrix

Theres a few!


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Chevelle - The Fad
Linkin Park - Faint
Tesla - Modern Day Cowboy ( really, any classic 80s rock with strong ride bell is cool)
Marilyn Manson - MObscene

Easy enough to play as a relative newbie but not so much that you get bored.

Good to TRY to play but I'm not quite there - Crüe, Foo Fighterrs, Metallica


Cissy Strut - The Meters
September - Earth Wind and Fire
Baba O Reily - The Who
Ghost of a Chance - Rush
Ritual - Yes