Plato Rules

No Way Jose

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I imagine Plato drinking wine, playing music with his friends on Friday night while women dance and someone sings about broken hearts. 3000 years later and some things haven't changed.

C.M. Jones

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I minored in philosophy as an undergraduate and very much enjoyed studying Plato's works. Though they appear, on the surface, more accessible than other philosophic texts of the ancients, they're riddled with obscure symbolisms and conceptual complexities. Plato was a master of keeping technicalities entertaining through the medium of dialogues, enlisting the Socratic method to engage the reader. He spares us the tedium of tackling what could otherwise resemble instruction manuals or legal documents.

Plato theorized on music's artistic significance, as well as on its value as a component of education, but I don't know that he was a musician himself, at least not an advanced one. I do recall in one passage that several flutists are asked to leave the room so serious discourse can unfold. Apparently, once analysis begins, music must cease.