"Pitch Black" beneath the coat?


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I was talking about this in another post I made, and after a lot of 'googling' I can't seem to pull up anything. I've been meaning to ask for a while, but it kept slipping my mind.

Some months back, a friend of mine (who frequently gets his hands on drum equipment for good prices), knew I was lookin' for a 22" ride cymbal. So he called me when he had one, and asked me to come look at it.

Sure enough, I slipped on down to his place, and was dissapointed to see a scratched up, Zildjian Pitch Black ride. But the kicker was, other than the scratches in the coat, the cymbal was perfect, and he was only asking 40 bucks for the cymbal. So I figured, with such a small investment, it wouldn't be a major loss.

On the way home, I stopped and grabbed some Paint Stripper, and that night I stripped away the retched "Pitch Black" to find a flawless looking 22" ride cymbal underneath.

These days the cymbal sounds great, really. It's got a lot of wash, but a clear ping and stick sound. When I feel the need, I can throw on some masking tape to dry it out. I really think I made a killer deal with this cymbal.

So my question is, what is the "Pitch Black" line of cymbals? I think I read some time ago they were basically the ZXT line, but I was wondering if anyone knew for sure, or knew otherwise?


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Actually, I believe they were the ZHT line painted black, which is kind of a positive. I think the ZHTs are probably the best "sheet bronze" Zildjian has ever produced, and the rides appear to be good enough for the likes of Dave Grohl. Maybe now people will start stripping paint off those bad boys and they'll be less of an automatic punchline.


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I think it was from the ZHT line too. Grohl used a 24" ZHT for a while with TCV. It was kind of a cool cymbal when I played one at the shop.

The Pitch Black 15" hi-hats were actually really good sounding cymbals, if you run across any of those.