Pipe Band Snare Example


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Brings back great memories! I played for a Drum & Pipe Band for a number of years as a kid, and wouldn't give up those memories for anything. Had lots of fun on the bus trips and being the youngest buck (ever) among a bunch of veterans, made for good knowledge and learning. Also remember attending Tattoos. Lots and lots of talent.

Alex Luce

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Please get rid of the counter top heads and get something more pipe band sounding.
Of course the drum can sound quite different depending on mic placement. In this video the camera seems lower than the drum, so you may be hearing more of the bottom head than the top.

Push pull stroke

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You can search the Internet for Alex Duthart, who is credited with revolutionizing pipe band snare drumming. He was born in 1925 so he was around for the switch from calfskin to plastic heads.
Found him on YouTube. Tremendous, clean technique. I wonder if pipe band drumming was using the buzz rolls back in calf head days...

Phil A.

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Something I've always wondered: Is there a particular reason all the pipe band drummers seem to dribble the left hand stick with their thumb (instead of the fingers)?