Pics with drummers on the Top 500 list?


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Have you taken a picture with any of the drummers on Drummerworld's Top 500 list?

I've met several and have pictures with some, but maybe the most notable pic is with Mitch Mitchell! (Summer NAMM, 1998)

if I did, it was all pre cell phone, so I don't have them ready to upload.

I know I have pics with:
Steve Smith
Dave Weckl
Peter Erskine
Alan White
Max Roach
Tony Williams

Billy Cobham
Billy Cobham Alex 1985 Mejor.jpg

Jeff Watts
Alex Sanguinetti Jeff Watts New York.jpg

Vinnie Colaiuta

Billy Hart
Billy Hart and Alex LETRAS.jpg

Louie Bellson
louie bellson alex 1980.jpg

Gary Husband
Gary Husband Unterfahrt Small.jpg
Mark Mondesir
Mondesir Sanguinetti.jpg
Frankie Dunlop
Frankie Dunlop Alex Sanguinetti 1977 NUEVA.jpg

Simon Phillips, Rick Latham, Gerry Brown
Alex Sanguinetti Simon Phillips.jpg


I could go all day, but apparently that is the top limit accepted by the system in this page...
Figured I should include this shot with Bernard Purdie. Not because it's hard to meet him, but because you never see me in a suit! :O

Let´s at least try one more page...

Kenny Clare
View attachment 145087

Roy Burns - Rick Latham

View attachment 145090

Jim Chapin
View attachment 145091

Jojo Mayer - Vinnie Colaiuta
View attachment 145092

Alphonse Mouzon
View attachment 145093

Bobby Rosengarden
View attachment 145094
Ed Thigpen
View attachment 145095
Irv Cottler
View attachment 145096

John Riley
View attachment 145097

Ralph Peterson
View attachment 145098

Full page capacity again!
Woah @Alex Sanguinetti , you broke the interweb! Fantastic pics!:love:(y)