Pics of your pets!!


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No pictures handy (they're all on my other computer), but click this link to see a video of the day I met and adopted my dog Charlee. She was eight weeks old at the time, and she's six months old now. Turn on your speakers of you want to hear a pretty rendition of a Zappa song, too. There are other videos there of me training her, if anyone's interested in that sort of thing.
And now she's two years and almost finished with her training. I took a few pictures with my cellphone so the quality is lousy, but here she is at the office, out for a drive, and at the mall:



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Here are some of the critters: The thorobred, "Ed" with my daughter Amy, Also Amy on our Pony "Princess". And one more of Amy again with our 2 dogs we had to have put down last year, Naiomi and Nakomi. (They were American Eskimos and were together for 16 years. The day after we had to have Nakomi put down, Naiomi had a stroke and we had to have her put down 2 weeks later).

We also have 2 Quarter Horses "Chip" and "Sweety" and a Chocolate lab named "Misty".



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Here's one of our animals. I'm not a cat fan really but this one pulled my heart strings and we got him. He's frekkin awesome! This was taken with a camera phone so the quality isn't great. His name is Yeti


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Angel (top) & Jezebel (bottom)

They are sisters that I rescued from neglect when they were 5 weeks old.