Pics of your pets!!


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Thank you, aydee...Now, if I could only find find a band to play with..LOL!
I have a friend who is not only a guitar player but also a polo player, and probably has the same sensibilites as you. So besides a string of18 horses, 4 german Shepards, 1 Boxer ( My Jaco's Grand niece ), a Lhasa Apso, 3 goats, a chicken coop, 7 free roaming green parrots, he has 2 aquariums full of African Cichlid fish which have been raised on Eukanuba Dog Food ( thats right ), and have shocked him by growing to huge proportions. They look like a bunch of chihuahuas swimming underwater, seriously.

Of course he lives on a beautiful farm.... which I can visit. : )


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rockinrider: Wow...could I come over and ride your beautiful horses??? Then we could jam afterwards. Horses and drums....what more could you ask for?


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Very stupid, but also very lovable. Lulu, a fawn boxer.

Oh she's cute!!!! I've had boxers all my life. Mine called Leo and he's somewhere on this thread.

We think he might be gay, so we call him Lulu too .

Greatest dogs on the planet.


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Great looking boxer, quite the big boy it appears. Mine is only about 45 pounds.
Ya, hes big, for a boxer. Close to 70 pounds! He does'nt know it though.. he thinks hes petite and can can fit his rather rather ample butt on my lap.

He has an identity crisis, you see. He thinks he is a lap dog.

Paris Hilton, wanna trade?...... , on second thoughts....naw!



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So this is my little pet. Well she's almost 2 years now. Havent got any recent pictures. She is a Gordon Setter( not exactly shure of the english word) we use here for hunting. Grouse and bigger birds mostly.



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bumping this thread to show you guys the newest addition to the Caputo family, Emma. She's 6 months old and I just got her on Saturday, complete with 2 types of worms, mange, 2 ear infections, and 2 eye infections haha.

Emma and Pepper sunning themselves in the backyard.

This is my cat Fluffy, we adopted here when she was about a year old and she's 8 almost 9 years old now. She can be a handful but she's been a really good friend for a huge portion of my life.

Fluffy Curled up sleeping
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Trying to fix the car lol
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This is a pic of our cat, mopsy. We have had her since she was six weeks old, and this year she celebrated her seventeenth birthday.
She is a total house-cat, spends her time either eating or sleeping, and is our third family member.



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When my cat, Boris, died last year I was very sad. He was 17 and I'd had him since he was 6 weeks old. He was a magnificent cat and had an air of royalty about him.

His last year was quite tough - he lost a lot of weight and struggled to eat. I wrote a little poem about him shortly after he died and set it on a photo my mom took of him in a typical Boris pose.

I have other cats now, but I miss Boris.


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Here`s Paul...he`s 7 weeks old. In 4-5 weeks he`ll finally move in, till now he still needs his mother. Well, for now he is at my place for a few hours every day...and he has even slept over here already. So sweet. =)