Pics of the new kit


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Apologize if I missed it, but what head are you using on the batter side of your bass drum? I’m a Remo guy for everything else, but running an emad with the small ring along with an Evans eq pillow just touching the bottom of the reso. I was rewarded with a very deep, punchy, fat kick sound at he gig. What a great feeling to have that power under my foot.
We're kindred spirits, I think. ? I'm running an EMAD on the batter side with the small ring and the included DW pillow just barely touching the resonant head. The other pillow is resting in the bottom of the drum but not touching anything. Remo heads everywhere else.


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Wow! Nice kit!!
Thanks! This is the kit I would recommend to anyone looking for a maple set who maybe doesn't quite have Gretsch Renown money. I would never talk anyone out of buying a Renown but this kit is a slam-dunk considering what it costs. I could easily live with these DWs if I could only choose one kit.


I picked up a new kit earlier this week. Traded in one of my Yamaha Stage Custom kits towards these and figured that some folks might like to see them.

This is a 2020 limited-run DW Design Series kit in Piano Black gloss lacquer. Piano Black lacquer is hardly an exotic finish but it goes with everything and I wanted a drum kit that would look at home on any stage.

Also pictured is my new (to me) DW Collectors Black Nickel over Brass snare. It's a nice match for the rest of the kit but that's really just a bonus. It's the best sounding snare I've ever owned which is what really matters. I think the satin chrome hardware looks pretty cool against the black nickel and gives the drum a distinctive look.

There is so much to love about this kit but rather than rave about it here, I'll save that for another day. I hope I haven't been too hard on DW in the past because these drums blow me away. I'm flabbergasted, honestly, at how much I like them.

Thanks for checking them out, and thanks to Bo Eder for tipping me off to these!

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congrats on the new kit, enjoy them amigo.