Picking Up Piano Licks


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So, have a piano. Amazing how fast that can happen when your wife gives you a green light, even more so you can get baby grand for the price of a mover, and space in the living room. The point of the piano was for my daughter to learn. However its too tempting to play around with. Over the years and different instruments I've picked up a little piano and theory.

Any tips on how to transition to piano? I find the latency on the action to be disconcerting, as compared to the instant tone of the drum or bass. I've learned some piano licks on tuned percussion, so I tried playing clave with one hand and chords with the other to try to get the rhythm, this seemed to help but really highlighted that latency issue.


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I grew up with a piano. Get some song books and chord books. Since everything is in a line, its easy to learn where the notes are. And since it's in a line, it's super easy to move chords between octaves.

I always enjoyed just picking a chord, playing it with my left hand, and using the notes within the chord to make up melodies with my right.

Dont worry about the latency, you will get used to it. You will actually miss the weight of the keys if you switch to an unweighted keyboard. The dynamics exist in that weight.