Picking up a '69 Ludwig kit


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My 3-ply of a slightly earlier vintage loves coated Ambassador over clear on the toms. The kick is currently wearing a PS3 batter and coated Ambassador reso. Check the edges though. Some can be absolute dogs, but they can be trained.


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Whatever heads you prefer on your other drums would be my first guess. Save that, the standard coated over clear, or clear over clear gives you 100% of what they offer. Every head other than clear over clear only reduces frequencies. Which is fine, but it still remains so.

They might have to be tensioned tighter, to stretch the film over the "nowhere near perfect" bearing edges of 60's Ludwigs. But that contributes to their sound, those edges and wacky seams. Imperfect rocks. Perfect rocks. All drums rock.


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I agree with Larry, whatever you're used to would be my first suggestion.

Personally, I love Aquarian Modern Vintage heads now but back in college I played a '69 Ludwig set in jazz band fitted with Fiberskyn heads that sounded great.


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I have Evans G1 coated/clear on my '71 Ludwig Hollywood set. With the suggestions above, you'll see a trend of single ply heads over two ply, and many of us like the coated batter sound. Remo Ambassadors, Evans G1, etc.


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I've got coated Emperor over clear Ambassador on my 3 ply toms. Aquarian SK1 batter/Fiberskyn2 reso, on the bass. Sizes 26, 14, 16, 18.