Picking a splash via the internetz...


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So there's nowhere even remotely close to where I live to try these out so I'm dependant on online demos and reviews and opinions.

I have some store credit at the online store I use (drumshop.co.uk) and I'm toying with adding a splash to the setup. I've never had much need for splashes over the years but the music I'm making these days would do well to have that occasional 'pish!' thrown in there. So, I'm on the hunt.

Now, I'm an Istanbul kinda guy so would prefer to keep it in the family but I'm not opposed to having anything in there as long as it sounds right. The current cymbal line up is as follows:

14" Sultan Hats (dark, dry, loud)
20" Sultan Ride (dark, dry, gongish)
20" Traditional Sizzle Ride (rivets removed, very washy, roars when pushed)
18" Alchemy Medium Crash (semi-bright, smooth)

SO, the splashes I'm toying with so far are the 8" Turk and 8" Sultan. Not a great deal of samples out there to hear unfortunately so, opinions? I'd like whatever I pick to fit in well aurally with the tone of the others (and not be too expensive) also, to a lesser extent, it's gotta fit in visually with the others as I'm a bit of a sucker for things looking right too - silly I know.

Also toying with the idea of the Istanbul Trash Hit.

So, basically anything high quality, MUSICAL sounding, slightly out-of-the-box tone-wise.... whatcha got?