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Adorable... they sure are more precious than drums! Life is not a rehearsal, enjoy your family. Oh and your Ludwig kit is awesome too! Let me share my dad's Ludwig kit from the 50's... it was a beautiful blue and white pearl. We have four generations of drummers 10 in all me being the only female drummer in the family.

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Left: May one month before my trip to the hospital for 4 days in June
Right: 3 months ( September) after leaving the hospital , got my dumb ass in gear, taking my health seriously and dropping 75 pounds.
Best thing I ever did for myself and my family

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As in “I hope that’s shepherds pie in my knickers?” 👍
My OCD got the better of me when I asked Virgil to sign a copy of his excellent album “In This Life” (highly recommended)…I helpfully recommended that he take the shrink wrap off the cd before signing it. He looked at me as if to say, “Dude, you’ve just seen me break the laws of physics, transcend space and time in the 4th dimension…and you think I’d sign the f’n shrink wrap?!” :ROFLMAO: