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Darth Vater

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Well here's a recent pic-and a shameless me showing off of my beautiful grand baby girl. She is too cute. I'm 64 years her senior-at least physically/chronologically. Mentally she's quantum leaps ahead of me. Give her a decade or so and she will be the Latest DW member. She can be GetAgrippasGrippa.
Awww, She's adorable.


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I would post a pic but the Geneva Convention expressly forbids it.


A Young X in Bermuda for Hooty video Tucker's town In front of hundreds of people on a opening band's 4 ?


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There was a yahoo article about our band recently and the author (Or media people) did a really thing and made gifs of this NPR video we were in.

So now I have a gif of me drumming that I have no occasion to use :)


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I’m lookin’ but I don’t see the crowd-slaying drum face everyone talks about. ?

No - just a very carefully thought out and placed cymbal crash haha.

I leave the crowd slaying to our frontman who is a big fan of "Breaking Necks and Cashing Checks" haha


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I don't actually exist. I am nothing but a construct created from the groups combined over-active imaginations.


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found this pic buried in one of my hard drives, from when i was over 22st (300lbs) and had short hair. playing some random festival somewhere in the UK a few years ago. backline kit was a bit crappy but did the job, had to provide my own breakables which wasnt an issue :)


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Here's an old pic when I was into bling and also wanted to look like REM's Michael Stipe ROFL 74238235_986348491709662_2351411396748509184_n.jpg