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Some photos, reaching back to about 10 years ago:
- a nice 14-18-24 Gretsch natural set they had in a club in 2008;
- a beloved red sparkle 1966 Ludwig downbeats, along with Zildjian A nd K's we rented for the Nero Burns album in 2013;
- a cheap set with a flaming ZBT in 2016;
- and the same set, rewrapped in orange glitter, more recently :) Note: the 16 floor in front of the 14'', as the sound guy thought I don't need two and only miked the 16'''.... so I used the 14'' as a beer and set list tray :(



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In my youth I was always wondering if a drummer could be the main one in a band.
Now I have become an adult and decided to make my drum show where only I will be the main in the group!

My #One Man Band# :p



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Well here's a recent pic-and a shameless me showing off of my beautiful grand baby girl. She is too cute. I'm 64 years her senior-at least physically/chronologically. Mentally she's quantum leaps ahead of me. Give her a decade or so and she will be the Latest DW member. She can be GetAgrippasGrippa.


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