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Jason Dorn

Since the heading here is your place I thought I'd start this thread here we can move it if a more appropriate heading is created. I'm Jason Dorn from Rochester NY I've been playing almost 5 years and am in two bands Groove Nutt and Magnificent Sorcerers of Pan Tang as well as laying drum tracks for numerous other musicians. I'm 39 years old and plan on playing forever. Heres some pics of me one at 18 notice all the Iron Maiden posters behind me. Two pics of me now in work mode and band mode.


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Well.. I'm Mediocrefunkybeat aks MFB aka Duncan Taylor. I turned 17 this month and I've been playing the drums for 3 years now. I hail from Gravesend, Kent, England. It's an awful place with two claims to fame. i) Pocohontas is buried here ii) Iron Maiden used to play here in the 70's. In two bands, 'The Family Mystery' and an unamed metal band; although recently I've lost motivation to work in a band.





These range from 8 months to 2 years old, it's me though. No decent recent ones on my photobucket account.
Lookin' good Dog! Nice suit!

Are you into jembes and other various percussion instruments? I love playing those jembes, such a great bass thud when you slap the center.
I love hand drums. I only have one small doumbek. I go to every faire and festival in the hope that there will be a drum booth, and then I sit there all day and drum with the owner. They usually appreciate someone drumming with them, as it attracts potential customers.
Hey all.
My name is Borka.
I'm 19, and I play drums for about 7 years now.
May be some of you still remember me, cause I was a member of this forum earlier too.
Please visit my web: Borka's Web-Site


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well i have no recent ones of me, this one is from the beggining of 2005, oh well i shall have more soon....i think.. anyway im 14 years old, been playing since just turned 7, had grown hair to shoulder length but have recently cut it *sob*...erm.......not much else to say....im a very sad individual......oh well


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I am Jason S, 17 years of age, 6'2 (187 CM) tall, hailing from the New Orleans area Louisiana US of A. been playing 4 1/2 years self taught 100% so it took me a year or two to get off the ground. I am currently bandless, although I do play/jam with my brothers who play keys/mandolin and guitar.

Here is a pic... Enjoy my amazing fashion sense. I will try to get some of me and my drums taken.


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Me, myself and I

Name: Eskil
Age: 24
Occupation: Student, drummer for Mean Genie

I've been drumming for about 3 years. I was actually playing drums when I was a kid too, but I never did become proficient at even the most basic of beast, so I finally gave it up when I was about 12. Picked up the guitar and played that for 10 years (became reasonably good too), but finally found my way back to my true calling. It's the most fun you can have with your clothes on, for sure!
Here are a couple pictures of me, my awesome (drummer loving) fiance, and some various gig shots. Enjoy.

side note of how cool my faince is.... she makes sure I practice, she can tune drums almost better than me and to top it off was my drum tech for a full year and a half.


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Well, to start, my name's Kazz. I'm 18 years old and I've been a drummer since I was 6. I'm the drummer for the band Xantherian Nemisis and we're currently working on recording a rough demo of some of our material. Think of us as Def Leppard and Rush influenced guitar with Rush, Kamelot and Nightwish influenced drumming and that's our style (melodic hard rock).

Here are a few pics of me. I live in the swiss Alps which is place I find very inspirational, the second picture below is like about less than 1 hour walking from my home.
As dogbreath likes his cigares I love smoking a good pipe.
The picture with me playing the kit was taken in winter 2004 so it's not that new. I have now remove one tom.
What else could I say......I'm a big Jethro Tull fan as you can see on my shirt, and my biggest drum inspirations are Tim Alexander, Danny Carey, Michael Giles and Jimmy Chamberlain.


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