Physics, drumming and violin playng


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One of the first lessons in physics is this, throw a ball up in the air, and at some point motion stops and then the ball falls. That point being that at some point it does stop.--Let's not pull out the calculus books to prove it. If Einstein agreed with it, we should be able to.

Violin players do kind of the same thing. They have to change direction of their bow without effecting, or noticibly effecting the note they're playing.

It seems there should be a way to do a near flawless press roll with one hand. If a violin player can do it, what prevents us?

I know there is some really fantastic one handed stuff being done, but it all has a rhythm rather then a constant drone to it.


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I bet we have a few individuals in the Drummerworld the forum..that can give us a one hand press roll !!!! Denis