Phil Maturano here!

Phil Maturano

OK Folks!!! here you go!


And....For the next 48 hours you can buy 1 video lesson from my site and get 1 lesson of your choice for free!!

Follow the link above and let me know your selection/ I will make a link for you and BOOM... You are set up!!

In total you will have 3 lessons for the price of 1!!!
Happy new year:)
All the best

Phil Maturano

HI Guys!!!! I am vey excited to present finally...My membership site with all my educational material on it. Especially the release of my latest project Inner Clock part 2!!!!!

To check it out please drop by my new and revamped website!

Many big hugs to all!!
Phil M.

Phil Maturano

HI everyone! Just wanted to let you know that my new project "Inner Clock 2" is out and ready to go!!!! I am now having all stuff on my membership website. And here it is finally

I decided to do this because now....with the technology at hand...musicians can constantly contribute material and be in control of business like never before!

I hope you will come by and check it out:)
As you will see in the screen shot below you have a few options to join up with.
Here is some more info on all the material
It's finally here!! Inner Clock 2 - IC2
After 3 years of hard work, writing, recording and shooting video... its time to enjoy the music.
Inner Clock 2 has a massive 14 hours of video and music. Add to that an ever expanding library of play alongs and you have a method like no other.
One that has been proven to work in major conservatories and music schools around the world.

How it works
At the core of this system there is music! You work with the music through a series of videos and play along tracks. Each song has 2 videos, A lesson video and a Performance video. A chart and an mp3 with no drums for you to play along with. In the Lesson video we cover what you will need to know to play each track.
1) Basic drumset parts
2) Chart breakdown and analysis
3) Inner Clock work outline
4) Also tips from top pro musicians that are playing along with you on the tracks. Or are featured artists in the method.

Then you have the Performance video, where you watch the whole song performed by me. This helps you to...
A) See all the concepts of the method in action.
B) Helps you learn the material by watching and following along with the chart!
C) Get new vocabulary ideas and of course, learn to match vocabulary to music.
D) Superb camera angles, editing and great quality video help you enjoy the performances so you can get maximum amount of information from them.

How to get it!!
This amount of material could only be available through a membership website!! My membership website is up and ready to go!!!
Why did i decide to do it this way? A DVD with this massive amount of material would be to costly to produce. The savings this creates I pass on to you.
Also, there is enough plastics and materials that create pollution in the world. Video data does not! This is something I am very much aware of as the environment is something I am dedicated to protecting in any way possible.
Join now and you also get my library of Online lesson videos
There you have it!! To get Inner clock 2 Join my new website at
Follow the links to join the site you are ready to go!!!

All the best
Phil Maturano


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Phil Maturano

I am very proud to announce the opening of my membership website....where you will find every single thing I know about drumming, Inner Clock - Part 2, my latest projects, Players interviews, Music, and a hub of communication where I will help you on a personal basis, to achieve your drumming goals.
My hope is that you will see that I love passing on information, talking about music, drums and drumming... and i consider it a privilege.
See you inside!


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Phil Maturano

For those of you that have been following the adventures of IC2 for the last 3 years know what a thrill is for me to say...
The membership site is fully operational!!!
----------------IC2 has arrived!! ------------------
Here is a video that will tell you a bit more about it and give you a special offer. This has been a dream for 3 years now! Finally come to life!!!!!!! Have a look.

I am also very grateful to all the folks who preordered the method when it was in production. Without would still be a dream! Sending many hugs to you all.


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Sup Yoda!

How's the new album coming? Can't wait to hear some of the first tracks! All settling back in NY ok?

Let me know how you are bro

Luke T

Phil Maturano

Hi All! Just wanted to let you know about this great upcoming event! In India finally! One of the worlds rhythmic meccas!! We are very proud to present….

Drummers Intensive Day!!!!!
At Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music - March 24th!!!
Master classes - and Concert. A full day of massive information and drumming! The beauty of Indian Drumming and AfroCuban Drumming, performed and explained with absolute clarity and passion by 2 of the worlds best players! All in 1 day!!
Sign up today!!


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Phil Maturano

Wonderful news for 2 lucky drummers out there somewhere!!!
Phil Maturano excellence in Drumming scholarship Announcement -
Swarnhaboomi Academy of Music


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Phil Maturano

llamando a bateristas latinos en el mundo!!!


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Trip McNealy

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Phil, that is AWESOME. I've always been intrigued with Indian drumming.. I actually sometimes go to my Tabla kit on my Vdrums and just jam out.. I'll think about this opportunity :) Is this a fully paid scholarship and everything else (room/boarding, etc)?