Pets and drums

Cmdr. Ross

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The thread about drumming & dogs got me thinking: Anyone have pets that hinder your practice?
Here's a pic of my late basset hound laying across my pedals. At the time, I had all quiet gear on my kit & he wasn't bothered by it.
Then after a time, he started doing this.
No real issue as I'd just give him his due attention and he'd go sleep (shocker, huh).

But I've heard from some other drummers that they have pets that seem to try & get them to stop.
Anyone here have this issue?



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I don't practice with them in the room now that the EDrums are gone. My real problem is with my 3 year old niece and her peanut butter / yogurt / mac 'n cheese fingers on my ride cymbal. Thing is brand new and looks like I cook on it.

Vintage Old School

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My wife and I trained our two Golden Retrievers not to enter the rehearsal room primarily so they wouldn't knock anything over. But they can hang with me next door in the studio every day where I have my editing bay. Here's a shot of them outside the rehearsal room chilling.

We also have several "guard" snakes throughout the house. This is my youngest daughter's 4-1/2-foot Amber Corn Snake, Skitch, (pictured below) inside his hide. Skitch has resided in this rehearsal room for 16 years. Snakes can't hear (they have no ears) but it's entertaining to glance over at him when I'm practicing and watch him reacting to the vibrations he senses from the drums and cymbals. Skitch has never interfered with my practice. He always has some serious mojo going on when I'm playing.