Petrillo-"Hands, Grooves, Fills"?


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To anyone with the book......Can you explain what the notations in the rhythm charts (i.e. A-7, G/B, D-9, etc.) mean? They start on page 32. Thanks.


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Can you explain what A-7, G/B, D-9, etc. means?
They are chord symbols. Below I've listed those three chord symbols, their English translations and the notes that belong into each respective chord.

A-7 = A minor seventh (a, c, e and g)
G/B = G major, B on bass (b, d and g)
D-9 = D minor ninth (d, f, a, c and e)

Pat Petrillo

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Hope you are enjoying "HGF"!..Keep me informed of your progress..

The chord symbols were put there so that if you wanted to play these tracks with a live rhythm section, they can play the same chords and parts that the band plays on the Play Along MP3 CD. I use HGF when I work with Bass students, so they can learn the Bass line grooves. Just another way to interact and make music!

Have fun!


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Thanks guys for explaining those notations. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.