Peter Frampton Tour 2019


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Just saw Peter Frampton this past Sunday and I just want to say, his show shot up as one of my top 5 concerts ever. I highly encourage anyone to see the show, because you will be entertained. And it's most likely this will be his final tour. It's no frills (just a giant video screen) stage with just 5 guys playing great music taking center stage.

The unexpected highlight for me was the dueling guitars between Frampton and his guitarist, Adam Lester

Side note, Frampton's drummer, Dan Wojciechowski, is rock solid.

And finally, Peter Frampton was truly having a great time on stage. He was constantly smiling and this just lifts the crowd even more.

If he's coming your way... go see him and the band

Jason Bonham and his band (Led Zeppelin Evening) opened and was so glad to finally see it.
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Thanks for the review. Makes me want to see the Frampton tour.

And I like that you pointed out that Frampton seemed to be enjoying the show and smiling throughout. That makes a huge difference to me. Smiling simply breaks the ice with an audience and makes the performer seem approachable and "like us." Even if one is playing very "serious" music, a smile or three creates a bond between performer and audience that is worth gold.


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I saw him last night with Jayson Bonham's Led Zep Experience as the opener. Frampton was on fire. I go back to having seen him with the Pie in the 70's. He's a great guitarist. Drummer was solid but I couldn't really get excited about him. Same with bass player. They're a couple Nashville cats that should probably stick to country. Just my opinion. They were nowhere near as good as Stanley Sheldon and John Siomos who played on the "Comes Alive" LP. Keyboardist and 2nd guitarist were really talented. Led Zep Experience were a really fun opener. All the guys played with passion and covered the songs quite well. I thought Jayson really kicked it but he relies too much on the double bass pedal. He was playing chrome DW's and they sounded great. I was about 12 rows off the stage and the kick was hurting my chest !! lol ....Was a fun night for my wife and I.


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This is the only reason I would want to live in a metro area, instead of BF South Dakota. The shows. I really wanted to catch Rival Sons in Minneapolis in April, but the 300 mile drive, overnight stay, and taking time off to go just wasn’t worth it.

Living in a bigger area really does have some advantages...I’d love to see Jason playing his Dads music, and I spent a lot of time with Frampton Comes Alive a few years back...(when it was new).


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I’d love to see Jason playing his Dads music, and I spent a lot of time with Frampton Comes Alive a few years back...(when it was new).
Love it

In fact I was telling my friend, just the other day... wait, no, it was ten years ago... how I love to go to live band events.


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I took a history of rock and roll class back in college and my professor, who was a part of the Disco band Chic at one point, brought Peter Frampton as a special guest. He was awesome and a super nice guy.

Glad you enjoyed his show!