Pete Zeldman new DVD


Pete has just released his new dvd which is available from his website
If you are serious about music (as I know most of the guys here are), and are open to innovation and looking for new ideas to take your musicianship to a new level this dvd is a must, there is nobody out there doing this stuff at this level to my knowledge.
I studied with Pete for years and can attest that he takes incredibly complex concepts and makes them accessible, and most importantly musical.
Highly recommended!


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Thanks for posting!
Crazy stuff - far too advanced for me to ever have any real benefit from it though. Haha.
Good luck to everyone willing to give it a try.

Jeff Almeyda

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Pete is from another planet!!!

Holy crap! Is anyone else (including Mangini) doing this insane level of coordinated interdependence?

My favorite part is when he says "Now I'm going to solo in 37 over the 36 note ostinato in the feet"

What??!!! The??!! F%$#??!!

Honestly, you have to be totally OCD or something to actually work that stuff out to that level. How many thousands of hours went into that?

Not only that but who in the world can actually listen to that and hear what he's doing??

Mr Zeldman, you are a terrifying drummer.

"Yeah but can he play a money beat?"

(Couldn't help myself)


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I've heard of this guy only a few times, can he really play 8 ostinatos at the same time? :O

Doesn't seem to be that well known, but his skill level is unreal! I think he teaches at a music school in London, UK.

I can't even remotely figure out what he's doing, surely the percentage of drummers with the ability to actually learn this stuff is fairly low?