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For me, its Warm Beer, especially beer that really isn't cold enough being served at a restaurant that I'm paying inflated prices for.

On the music side, I just love being constantly annoyed by some sales kid at Guitar Center when I just want to look around a while. I also don't like being stared at while browsing the store as if I'm a thief. One time I said to a sales kid...."If I buy something now and leave it at the desk in front, can I just continue to browse a while without being pestered"?


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People who ask to sit in... I play in a cover "act". By this, I mean outfits, stage names, backing tracks, etc. It's not a rigid "same thing every night" show, but we're also not a bunch of dudes in jeans and T-shirts just calling out tunes on the spot. Now why on Earth would you think that you have some right to get up on stage and "just play a couple songs" in this (or really, any) situation? Asking to sit in, in general, is in very poor taste to me, unless it's a "jam night" type thing. If you're invited, that's one thing. Otherwise, why is it my responsibility to use my band's time to let you show your friends how cool you think you are, only to result in the inevitable trainwreck? Honestly, in what other profession does this happen? I have NEVER been ANYWHERE where I thought it was appropriate for me to ask someone else if I could "just sit in" at their job.

People who wait for you to leave your kit, and then just get up and start playing... Just because you can play drums (usually barely, and sometimes not at all), and there is a drum set here, does not give you some kind of free pass to hop on. Again, what other profession?

As far as non-drum related...

People who don't use their turn signal when changing lanes

People who drive slower than the flow of traffic. Especially in the left lanes. People seem to forget that the right lanes are meant for slower traffic, and the left lane is meant for faster traffic (that "fast lane" we all keep hearing about).

People who do really distracting stuff while they're driving... phone, texting, make-up, hair, whatever (these behaviors often lead to the above). Just drive your car!
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Smartphones and the way they get used these days.

Don't get me wrong..I have one and find a lot of use for it. I've got Kindle on it so I always have something to read with me, same with a lot of music so always something to listen to, a few chess apps to play with, a metronome to that can come in quite handy sometimes, a guitar tuner, google maps is great and the flashlight has proved itself a lifesaver more than once.

But the way people are continuously glued to their phones these days gets me thoroughly annoyed. I can walk into the office and see 3 or 4 colleagues present there...all hunched over their tiny screens, completely immersed into fb, twitter, wassap, tinder, instagram or whatever other "social" media rules. I can have a conversation with someone but if that thing makes even the slightest buzz...hold up..need to check this asap, might be important...

You go to a bar and see a group of people walking in. Half of them will already have their smartphone in their hand but you can be sure that by the time they're seated, each and every one of them is looking down at the screen, happily swiping and typing away. (why go out for a drink then in the first place??) Take a toilet break and you need to navigate and avoid bumping into folks that are, again...looking down at ya know what and more or less oblivious of their surroundings

Do I have to even mention how much time is lost during rehearsals because 3 of the 5 people NEED to check their phones every five minutes and respond to everything ASAP?

Pet peeves...yeah, this is certainly one of mine


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Sorry, I couldn't find a better image at the moment, but I really don't like it when the ride cymbal is in this location on the kit. It's not a big pet peeve that makes me lose everything, but I'm not fond of having the ride cymbal just be only a ride cymbal. A ride cymbal can be as musical as any other cymbal on the kit, so use it for more than a ride. Try Crashing on it! I treat my ride cymbal (not my current one because it's Sabian B8 ..) as a second crash, but I can't do this with a ride in a location like this. >_<


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When the guy in the band with the worst sense of time and meter insists I'm playing too fast or slow. The same guy thinks subdividing from 8th notes to 16th notes at the same tempo is "speeding up".

Players who can't play a three chord song they've been playing for 30 years without their sheet music but never miss an opportunity to remind you they we to Berklee.

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When the band / artist invites the audience to clap along - and this is key - by demonstrating how it should be done i.e. 1,2,3,4 or 1 + 3 or 2 + 4 or 2& + 4 etc that's fine. Great vibe, rapport with the band enjoyed by all.

But when the audience - unasked - leadenly claps along to each beat, dragging.....throughout the tune..ugh. The BBC "Strictly Come Dancing" audience is the worst example. Every song. Relentless. Drives me nuts. I can't watch.


Agree 100%. All phones take email and text messages. Switch it off when you get in the car and get a f*****g life you morons.
I'm not only a drummer, but I ride a Harley as well and I would say that 2/3 of the vehicles I encounter on the road have their phone in their hand and their eyes aren't aren't on the road. I can't begin to tell you how many close calls I've had from morons paying more attention to their phones than to the traffic around them just in the past 10 years or so. I've gotten pretty good at recognizing the threat and getting away from them. It does keep you on your toes, that's for sure.