Pet peeves about drumming, other than schlep


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My peeve: stage real estate.

Guitar player and bassist get set up in 10 minutes and pile their crap in my way. I'm dodging and moving their crap for 45 minutes!

Over time, I found it best to show up hours early or even the day prior. Set up. Claim my territory and let them position themselves around me. That's the way God meant it to be! 😆

I set the boundaries of my stage territory like dogs do. Still can't figure out why i'm kicked from so many bands... :sneaky:
Seriously: i set up first and that was more or less the agreement with the bands i was in. Occasionally with battle of the bands kind of gigs you don't have much time and then there's always some amp stack in the way where you need to put a stand
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Playing at blues jams: While the rest of the band get to play in different keys and sing different lyrics, the drummer plays a medium shuffle all night long…


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How moving the smallest, simplest part inevitably means moving many heavy things. I swear, if I just adjust a cymbal cap I have to also move 3 cymbal stands, two mics, at least one drum, disconnect three XLRs, trip over two guitar amps, and step on a cat--and I don't even have a cat! What the heck?!?