Personus "Firestudio Project"


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From what I have read, it looks like a reasonable piece of gear for a reasonable price.

Anyone have any real word experience?

My two thoughts would be to use 7 channels fort the rest of the band, and use the mono out on my mixing board for drums to record jamming, and then for "tracking" I would have just enough inputs for 8 mics for drums, or what have you with the other fellows. All recordings would go into my iMac, OSX 10.5, software would be included Cubebase to start, and go from there.

Thoughts? Experience? Recommendations for or against?


Bo Eder

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I owned both the Firepod, and later the Tascam 1642 box. Both are great boxes. However, what are you plugging it into and what software would you be using? That's the bottleneck right there - the processor to handle all that incoming signal, and then the program to add effects and such.

I dumped it all for a used Tascam DA88 and a Yamaha O1v console. Then I discovered the Zoom R16, which I used for my latest recordings. I love simple.


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I don't have the Firestudio Project, but I have been using a Firestudio 26x26 for a few years, and recently added a Digimax FS to add 8 more channels. I did have to send the Firestudio back once for repairs (post-warranty), but they really good about getting that done. Outside of that I've never had a problem. It's pretty no BS gear to work with IMHO.

From what it sounds like you're doing the FS Project, or something similar is a pretty good way to go.


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My Firestudio fried itself just outside of the warranty.

I went MOTU instead and have been very happy with the sonics.