Perseverance in pays


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Howdy all, I've posted earlier regarding the lovely Brady 8 by 14 snare I got for my birthday. Funny thing is is I was never able to get it exactly how I wanted it using my usual tuning antics that I've used constantly for 25 years of playing. It was so frustrating as I laid out the dosh on the thing and it was sounding good, but not it needed to IMO. It always had this ring, and I like ring, but not this kinda ring.... just a little bit ya know, but enough to give me the shnakkas.
So every day I'm going out and fooling with it, doing all sorts of tuning variations...but always leaving the reso head fairly tight as I have always done. Then it hit me to try taking the reso head really low...unbelievable. This thing is everything that is advertised and more...just had to get out of the things way.
Thought I'd share as even guys that have been doing it a while can still noob it up...


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Too true. No matter how many times you've tuned up drums, throw something new into the mix, & you're back in experimentation mode again. For me, that's a daily occurrence!