Pedal modding guys...wanna help me rehouse a behringer?


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So I recently bought a behringer Uv300, the boss VB-2 clone.

Had a few people advice it as a "really close" alternative to the original (these are people that own originals). I've never owned an actual vb-2, just tried a lot of clones, and of all I've tried, as much as I hate to admit it....the behringer sounds the best. I dunno if it's really that close to the original boss pedal, but it sounds great regardless.
So that being that, this behringer is something I would like to actually put on my gigging board....but I do not trust the plastic enclosure. So I'd like to Rehouse it
preferably in an empty boss enclosure I have (not gonna try and pass of off as anything other than a rehoused behringer. I plan on painting the enclosure grey and labeling it "generic vibrato" or possibly "I'm poor...VIBE"). Mostly cause almost everything thats not dirt on my board is boss, and the behringer is about the same size so it'd probably fit easily and not take up to much space.
BUT.....I do not know how to go about doing that, and I'm pretty positive I'd mess it up if I tried (though for $25 I could buy another haha). So, I'm wondering if any of you who are good at this sort of thing would wanna help me out? Obviously not for free or anything. Totally willing to pay ya. If you're well versed on mods and could make the buffer more transparent, even better.

Or really even some advice on how to go about such a thing myself?

Also, if anyone is willing to help me out with this, but for whatever reason doesn't like the idea of me wanting to rehouse that in a boss enclosure.....I don't really care if Ita rehoused in something else...i just wouldn't want something that take up more space than that, plus ya know...I'm cheap and I have the boss enclosure already. Haha.

Anyone? Advice? Am I just being paranoid about the plastic enclosure?


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Using a Boss enclosure would be WAY more trouble than it’s worth. The holes are drilled for pots and jacks that are connected rigidly to the circuit board, so there’s no room for adjusting the guts of one to the body of another brand.

Instead, just use the flat Hammond boxes used by all the homebrew pedal makers, and drill that box to fit the Behr guts (rewiring the pots and jacks onto flexible wires if necessary).

Or just buy the Boss.