Peavey Radial Pro 750 - Value?


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I'm looking for another drum set and I found this set of Peavey radials on the internet. I'm seriously considering picking them up, but I can't really find any info on how much a set like this should cost.

Its a 6 piece kit with:

22 x 18 Bass drum, 16 x 15 floor tom, 14 x ? floor tom, 12 x 10 tom, 10 x 9 tom and 14 x 7 snare

Included is a three sided Pearl rack and a bunch of stands. He said more than enough to mount everything with a bunch of cymbals.

He is currently asking $1300 for everything which is not out of my budget, but I can't really find and comparable sets to make sure I'm not overpaying.

I found one recent ebay listing of the same drums but it just says the asking price was $950 (shell pack) and that a best offer was accepted.

I've searched around DW and found a few threads extolling the virtues of these drums but nothing talking price.

What does everyone think is a fair price for this kit?



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That's a tough one.

Not many were sold, so the used market is limited, so there is little precedent to go off of.

Some people LOVE those drums and think they're valued at top dollar.
Other's (like myself) can't stand them and wouldn't want them at any price.


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Someone here has a set and loves it. Cant remember who but someone will?

I cant stand the look but the sound is supposed to be killer.


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I think $1300 is a bit high.​
It does have the rack & stuff too though Harry. That said, I too think it's a touch on the high side for the 750. For the 1000 series with the hardware, $1300 would be a bargain. Sound quality is exceptional for the price, but the aesthetic isn't for everyone.


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Those drums sound AWESOME I have a 6 PC. Peavey 1000 series kit For that price I'd wait and buy a 1000 series top of the line you'll be happier and make sure you get a snare drum with it. Ray


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Thanks for the input everyone. So if I could get them for $1000 with the hardware would that be more reasonable? I'm going to check them out tomorrow to at least hear what they sound like.


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So if I could get them for $1000 with the hardware would that be more reasonable?
That would be a much better deal. Figure, the Pearl rack runs $400, new. So ..... if your getting a rack and stands ..... maybe a $300 value, used ..... that brings the price of the drums down to $700. Mo betta'​


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Yes, you need to research them.

I don't think that they were all created the same. I think that the quality of them went down as time went on, but I'm not terribly sure.

It's definitely worth some googling.

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$1300 seems a bit high to me for a Pro 751. $800 is more in line for everything. I see a red lacquered 751 4-piece on Reverb and a green lacquered 751 kit
on eBay in the $800-$950 range. I think you have even more room to negotiate.

Here's a resource for you--the Peavy Radial Pro Owners Worldwide group on Facebook: radial pro owners worldwide

I've been told that some recording studios highly value the Pro Radial bass drums for recording. They'll buy entire kits to get the bass drum and then
part out the toms and hardware. From what I've been told that applies to both the Pro 751 and Pro 1000 bass drums. I have one friend who often uses
a Pro 500 kick and standard toms from his other kit for live gigs.


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one thing I'd say to keep in mind, the Peavey drums were never that popular, so there aren't a ton of them out there. If you really wanted a 6 piece, that could be very difficult to find over the more traditional 5 piece, and is probably worth a bit of a premium.

I always thought they were very cool for how unique they are and were on my "someday" dream list. I've played on a set that a local drummer has and I like them a lot.


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I don't know...I'd say that might be worth half of what he's asking...that's with the hardware included (but I'm a real tightwad).

There are so many better sets to be had for that kind of money IMO.


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I sold these where they first came out and they sounded great but as time went on we had problems with the carbon fiber rims separating from the shells (I live in Northern B.C.), that and one of the kit's we ordered arrived in 4 different colors. But they did sound very good!

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It's kind of a specialty non-mainstream niche product. For a playing kit you can do much better with a mainstream kit. If you had money to burn and were collecting, maybe $600. But $,1300 or even $1,000 no way. Lots of much better used kits out there for playing at less than that, and some deals on new, too. I'd pass.