Pearl ultra cast finish


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Does anyone know if the pearl or trickiest snare as a anodized finish or is it a painted finish? I need to know so I know what to use to remove it. I got a real good deal on one but the finish is pretty rough


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A quick Googly check,

Pearl's site doesn't mention anything at all about the finish.

However on Woodwind and Brasswind's site, they mention (quote) a black lacquer-coated finish.

It has a satiny look to it, something I don't equate with lacquer.

It looks anodized to me but that means nothing.

Captain Bash

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Hi its pretty easy to remove with paint stripper, I own and use two Pearl Ultracasts 6.5 and 5.5 and much prefer these to ludwig supra-phonics.

I removed all the paint from my 5.5 depth UCast becuase it was scratched up and showed a nice silver finish underneath. Simply remove the hardware and apply a coat or two of paint stripper gel, leaving for 30 mins and then wipe off black gunk using a rag. I suggest you do this outside or in a very well ventilated area as the stuff stinks and according to the warnings is not at all good for you if inhaled. However if you follow the instructions on the tin to the letter the final aluminium silver finish looks great, doesn't change the sound at all. I left my silver ultracast untreated and it remains the same, no pitting or loss of shine. The naked shells have a slight texture to them which I really like.
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Thanks captain it worked like a charm. Used the gel remover and it took finish of right away. Applied aluminum polish and it is so much nicer then the black finish. Love the small ribs on outside of shell too. Tried to post pic but forget how to do it.