Pearl Short Fuse 10x4.5 Demo


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Just got this Snare yesterday from ZZounds. Only had to put down $20 and make 3 more payments of $17 and some change and got this booger in two days. No credit checks or nothing, American Musical has a similar deal, I believe this is something I may start using to buy new gear. You cant beat it, 0% interest, just had to pay a $2 processing fee. This is not a bad little Snare for accents, recorded ok and for $69 its worth it. Comes with a decent mount but it did not open up enough to get it around my Falcon HI Hat, luckily I had another one. Here is a video demo. I have heard full size expensive Snares that did not sound any better then this. Recorded with my Zoom Q4.



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I just got one last Saturday.

I was window shopping in my regular music store not planning to buy anything because I am saving for family Christmas gifts. But everything in the store was on clearance, 40% off for that weekend. So I started digging for a bargain.

There was also a "new old stock" Pearl 10x5 maple going for about US$100. I had never seen one like it in the flesh or on the internet. It wasn't an M80 or a Firecracker or a popcorn, but it was made in Taiwan. It came with Ambassador batter and reso and an ISS mount. While the price was tempting, I would have needed either a new stand or tom arm + clamp, which would add another US$30. All these were already too much for an impulse buy.

Then I saw a Short Fuse for the equivalent of US$55. I though it was a steal because it already came with the L-rod and clamp. I added an Ambassador 10" batter, and the total bill was just US$60. I practiced with it yesterday, and its the cutest part of my kit, next to my 8" mini china :)
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I got a Pearl M-80 on discount for like $50 and thought it was a pretty okay deal, but it doesn't come with a mount. So yeah sounds like both of you got a good deal.


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For the price they are a descent little Side Snare, Im not for sure if it's clip or another one but I cranked it up and got a mean rim shot from it (ear piercing). I put a set of Puresound wires and got some added buzz on mine.