Pearl Session Select vs Sonor AQ2


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Hi everyone,

Pearl Session Studio Select 5pc vs Sonor AQ2 Stage 6pc. I am down to deciding between these 2 for my next kit.

Is it a no brainer to go for the Pearl, even though it's going to be around $600 more than the Sonor by the time i add the required hardware?

What's people's feedback on the 2 kits in comparison (if they can even be compared - i know the completely different shells will make a large difference to overall sounds)



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well first off the two are very different shells the pearl is a birch/African mahogany shell & the sonor is Canadian/Asian maple shell, so really you are gonna get a different sound.

the pearls are $1600, come with Chinese Remo heads, comes with air cushion floor tom feat, and comes with pearl super hoop 2s (a thicker triple flange)

the sonors come with a kick drum tom mount, Chinese, coated Remo heads, and a 6 x 14 snare.

really it's your decision to what you want to do man, personally, I would go for a Saturn


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I'd go for the Pearls in a heartbeat. The birch/mahogany shell sounds great and (personally) I think the finish options are much more appealing.

If I were going to buy a Mapex-made drumset, I'd buy one with the Mapex name on it. I'm sure the AQ2 drums are nice, but they're not too different from Mapex Meridian Maple drums with Sonor hardware and logos.