Pearl Reference Snare


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Someone is selling a 5x14 Pearl Reference snare for $300. I just wrote the guy and he can meet this weekend. I have a bunch of snares already including a DW Collectors series. I want this snare badly and it seems like a killer price as long as there is no damage. Any input is appreciated.


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Its the maple/birch 20 ply. Sells for $900 new.


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5x14 Mapex Saturn
5x14 DW Collectors maple
5x14 Pearl Jupiter COB
6x14 Pearl Jupiter COB
5x14 Rogers Dynasonic COB
6x13 Yamaha Musashi Oak
5x14 Mapex Orion Orbiter Maple
6x14 OCDP Maple/Ash

I was thinking of selling the OCDP and using that money to help fund the Pearl Reference. I guess while I don't 'need' the Pearl, I was having a hard time passing it up due to the price. I've never played one though and therefore was looking for feedback.

The SunDog

Never seen one up close but I've watched a bunch of video. I think they sound great. What color though. A great snare at a must buy price is like money in the bank unless its hot pink.


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haha.. it was granite sparkle. Very nice looking.

Dr Woofenstein

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I have played pretty much all of the Reference series snares, and whilst this is a good price for the drum, bear in mind that the more plys a drum has, the higher the fundamental pitch.

If you are buying this because you are expecting something deep and throaty, you should look at a thinner shell, less ply drum.
If , on the other hand you are buying it because it looks killer and is a good price………go for it!!!
You can pretty much never have too many snares. Enjoy!


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Well I bought it....its in beautiful condition except it had no snares which is fine. Thanks for the help!