Pearl Reference Pure, anyone???


Have seen lots of ads and a couple of YouTube(s) for this new series. Does anyone have a set or has played them? Am intrigued with the thinner shells and wondering how they sound and compare to the original Reference Series.


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I've honestly never been too impressed by the Pearl Reference- it might just be my ignorance, or my being inexperienced, but I'd much rather have a Masters kit.


I answered this question on your other thread in "your place".



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Compared to the other modern multi-material-ply high end kits on the market like the Yamaha PHX, and the Remo bop kit, I am most impressed by Pearl's Reference series. Its much easier to buy into the concepts and theories applied to the deign of the Reference kit than the others I listed. I have never considered this Pearl kit because of the thickness of the shells. A 7.5 mm tom is too thick for me.

This is the first I've heard of this kit and but after hearing about the thinner shells, I'm so down. If I find myself wanting a kit like this. I'm definitely getting a Reference Pure.


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Haven't played the kit but the Ref snare with Fat Hoops are very impressive. Still going to pick one up when I get the chance.