Pearl Reference Pure, Anyone....


I've seen a number of ads and YouTube's on Pearl's latest creation The Reference Pure. Has anyone tried them or purchased a set of these? I'm curious about the thinner shells and how they sound.


I know about them and seen them in person, but I never played any. It seems to me that it's just a more affordable Reference line. They're about $500 to $1000 USD less expensive than the regular Reference series. Triple flange hoops instead of die cast, exactly the same composition shells as the Reference only thinner and different lugs. It was a nice looking kit, in "scarlet fade", but I'm just not drawn into Pearl products.



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I too have seen the promo, the thin shell makes me think these would sing and cut, comparing them to the two masterworks 4 ply 5mm toms I just found. Next to my signias on video, although on their own the signia sounds huge, open airy and loud, the masterworks cut through the band like a sharp knife. I was astounded at the clear projection. I want more.