Pearl P932 or used DW5000 or 9000 Double Pedal?


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I was curious if anyone could provide some insight - I am in the market for a new double bass pedal but don't have a lot of money to spend. I was leaning toward a used DW5000 or 9000 and ran across the Pearl P932 that has an amazingly affordable price brand new and some great reviews.

I would welcome feedback.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Pedals are personal preference and these 3, though all good pedals, are quite different.

I guess I've been playing for about 10 years at this point. First 6 years on a DW 5002 and the last 4 mainly on a DW 9002.

Haven't played that exact Pearl model, but certainly played the ones it's modeled after. I'm definetly a DW guy at this point, but many people are not. That's not just about feel, but they're also big and heavy, so I guess it seems a bit strange to bring 9000 pedal and HH stand with a small 4-piece to some.

A bit of info in regards to what you like in a pedal or dislike in your current pedal, and what that is, would help.

The 9000s are very fluid and dynamic pedals which make them top choice for me. They have an adjustable cam which I keep in accelerator mode. It's not as extreme as my 5002 accelerator. 5000s are a bit more of a no frills pedal. Good enough for most, but not as sensitive.


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I have the single P930 and I really like it. I like the feel of a longboard pedal and it is as quick and light as I want in a pedal. As
Odd-Arne Oseberg already mentioned the three you listed are quite different. Prior to the Pearl I had an Iron Cobra that was just too heavy for my taste. It was a great pedal, it just wasn't for me.

Ideally, you'd either want a double pedal that feels like the single pedal you already have (if you like that pedal) or you're using this as a chance to try something different because you aren't satisfied with your current pedal.


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I have the p902 pedal (older version) and have absolutely no complaints. It's super lightweight and goes fast. The pedal is about 20 years old if you have any concerns about durability.


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I've got the P932, and it's a great pedal for the money. I wanted to try a longboard, but didn't wanna drop as much cash as the Tama Speed Cobra goes for. Did a little research, and up popped the Pearl into my awareness. Scored a used one off eBay for under $140. I really like it. Just tried the Speed Cobra at Guitar Center the other day ..... and I didn't like it nearly as much as the Pearl (but that might just be the way it was set up).


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Thank you all for your feedback. :) All the comments were very helpful. I am looking for a double bass pedal that is quick and responsive. I currently play with 2 bass drums and hope to play live soon and wanted to streamline my kit. I play a wide variety of styles - heavy metal, doom metal and blues.


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Many drummers have made their living on a DW 5000 pedal. That's the one I'd go with...unless you find a cheap 9000.


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I have both the P930 and the P932. They are both smooth and quick. (quicker than I am, at least), Not a lot of adjustments, but I'm happy with the spring tension and the pedal angle. Good solid pedal and definitely quieter than my old Speed King.