Pearl p902 bass pedal.

Today, I bought a pearl p902 double bass pedal with a white Evan's bass drum head. Where? Off of amazon. But, I did play it before I bought, just my local music store had the prices jacked up. I wanted to know from the professionals- and possibly other beginner double bass peeps if this was a good buy for $140. Bass drum head was $44 dollars. It has a porthole, buy not sure of I was ripped off.
I did my homework. I read reviews from amazon and some other site. But it was all "this is my first double bass pedal and it is the best ever!" kind of reviews. And I just wanted to ask you guys. I couldn't find the head from any where else, so
I had to get it at that price. But thanks for the answer!


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The reason the local store's prices are jacked up high is that people are using them as a test centre for new gear and then buying online - where the overheads are much lower to the store owner. Vicious cycle.

As far as I'm concerned, if you test it at the store, you should buy it at the store.